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Top Coat Set

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Ready to get topped? This set comes with three different toppers (clear, matte, and holographic) to protect, finish, and adorn your favorite ZYX color (or any other polish you love)! Each set also comes with an exclusive "Top Me" sticker designed by James Liang/Hotdogcouch.

"Clear-coded" (clear top coat) -- Coats your finished nails in a layer of gloss and protection to keep them looking shiny and fortified for longer.

"Nothing Matte-rs" (matte top coat) -- Removes the natural gloss from color polish, leaving a sheer, flat tone that is stark and unique.

"Hoe-lographic" (holographic top coat) -- Adds a burst of opalescent shimmer to any color or enhances the natural sparkle of glitter polish, changing hue with every angle of the light.

[Use on painted nails after color polish has completely dried!]


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All bottles are 15mL / 0.5Fl. Oz.

All bottles are packaged in a 3.5 x 1.5 x 0.75 In. solo protective box.